The Secret To Forming Good Habits

When you start  an online business there are a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to do….. but creating daily habits around you business will save you a  lot of time and effort.

The trick is to take small incremental steps and chip away at your goal.  When you know how to form a habit relating to your goal, then you can take a series of actions daily.

Building new habits can be a daunting experience so I’ve taken the process and turned it into 5 simple steps:

1.  Focus on one habit

Our supply of willpower is spread out among all areas of our lives.  So it is crucial to work on only one new habit at a time, that way your willpower can be channeled into that one habit increasing the prospect of success.

So ask yourself:

What is the one new habit you want to form?

Identify it and learn all you can about it.  The important thing is to identify a habit you can do all the time, it has to fit into your life and has to be able to be completed on a daily basis, no matter how you feel.

2.  How to form a new habit

Commit to  minimum of 30 days.

Creating a new habit can take anything from 21 days to 66 days. The length of time varies depending on the person and the habit.  Some habits are easier to build than others.

To start the process commit to a particular habit for the next 30 days.  During these 30 days, your entire live has to be structured around making time to consistently do it every day.

3.  Attach your new habit to an existing one.

Habits should never be something that is based on motivation or a temporary solution.  It should be incorporated into your life to the point it becomes habitual.

A good way to do it is to attach to something you do on a daily basis

i.e  After dinner I will take a 10 minute walk.

After cleaning my teeth  at night I will write my task list for tomorrow

After breakfast I will write my blog

It appears much less daunting when put like that, simply find a habit you already do consistently and attach to a new practice.

4.  Take small steps

The key to developing new habits is to make small commitments and focus on little wins.

If you rely on motivation alone to form a new habit, you don’t have a backup plan for when you can’t be bothered.  The only way to form a habit is to turn it into automatic behavior.

The key here is to create small commitments that are  easy to do consistently on a daily basis rather than trying to hit a specific target.

You’ll find that when you have a low level of commitment its much easier to get started.

Some examples are:

Walking for just 5 minutes a day

Eating one piece of fruit a day

Posting one post on Facebook a day

Write 100 words of a blog post a day

These activities are powerful is because they appear to be very simple.

You want to commit to something that it’s impossible to miss a day, and then when you get started, more than likely you’ll do more than intended.

5.  Prepare for hurdles

All new habits will have hurdles, but when you know in advance what these hurdles are, you can take action to prevent them.

Some hurdles you may encounter:




You can overcome these by saying:

If its’ raining I’ll go to the gym instead.

If I don’t have time to do my project  at the end of the day, I’ll get up 30 minutes earlier and work on it then

If I don’t feel like doing a work out after a bad day  – I’ll still take a brisk walk for at least 15 minutes.

You’ll see how easy it can be to create habits and particularly with an online business.  If you can create a habit around some of the activities needed, then you will make far better use of your time and ultimately achieve better results.




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