The Easy Way Or The Hard Way

There is a proven  process to starting an online  business, and if you follow it you can build and grow your business successfully.

The steps themselves are really quite easy, however learning how to do each step can be very confusing and very time consuming.  You just need to go to Google and type in “how to start an online business” and you will be faced with pages of articles all giving you information much of which is conflicting.  It’s not that is wrong it’s just that everyone has different ideas on what is the best way to do things.

I’ve highlighted the steps below and also outlined how the SFM can help you to get set up and running much faster as they will teach what you need to know for each step.  Saving you the hassle of trawling through the internet to find the answers.

1. Find a solution to a problem

Time and time again people fail in online business by finding a product and then trying to find someone to buy it.  The secret is to find a need and then fill that need.  Eg:

“I want to spend more time me with the family”  – An online business allows you to set your own hours and work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

“I don’t want to answer to a boss” – With an online business you are the boss.

” I hate my job, but will never get another job at my age the same salary” – With an online business you can decide how much you want to earn and there is no age limit”

2. Write Copy that sells

There is a proven formula for this, from:

what headline to use, whether it be an ad  or an article,

what problem your product is the solution to,

providing testimonials for users of your product,

establishing your own credibility,

write about your product and how it would benefit the user,

Make an offer with a guarantee.

Within the SFM, there is training on all of this, they provide the credibility and testimonials as a well-established respected company. Advertising materials are provided for you and they even have people who can actually write articles for you.

3. Design and Build your Own Website

There are loads of companies out there providing websites, domains and hosting.  It can be a bit of a minefield.  However the SFM provide domains, hosting and WordPress  (easy to use website design software) with full tutorial and videos.  A graphics package is included and they even provide a ready made website which you can personalise to get you started.

4. Get traffic to your website

The quickest way to do this is by paid advertising or PPC (pay per click).  You can go down the free route, by  blogging, and writing articles and waiting for them to be ranked organically.  This route takes much much longer.  Again within the SFM there is training on all of this  whether it’s, Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, Instagram…..

5. Build a List

When someone clicks on one of your ads, you should offer them a free gift in return for their email address to add to your list.  You then continue to email them to build a relationship.  Within the SFM there is a free video series, and free report, giving away a huge amount of valuable information, all done for you and ready to go.

And Finally

6. Make the Sale

Within the SFM even that is done for you,  all you need to do is get qualified leads to your list.

Once you have learned all the steps and know what you are doing, then you can look around and try different ways to  do   things and introduce new products.

Getting your business set up and running as quickly as possible, will start generating income and give you the flexibility to introduce new products and services whilst still earning.

In addition to all the training, webinars and tutorials there is a community of like minded people all at different stages of their businesses, from all over the world.  You can interact with them 24/7.  You can meet them in person at the various world wide events through out the year.

Setting up an online business takes a lot of hard work so why would you do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way and have fun along the way!



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