Why You Need Others For Success

I’ve just returned from The Six Figure Mentors Momentum Day in London.   These events happen all over the world and it’s where members of the SFM can go and mingle with other members.  It’s a great day of insights, motivation and inspiration.

I’ve been with the SFM since August 2015 and this is my second Momentum day and the first one was great but this one was brilliant.

I met so many people, some I’d met before, some I’d seen online and others completely new to the community.

It was such a great experience to be surrounded by people who are on the same wave length.

How often are you surrounded by people like minded people?.  You may have a few friends, family etc. that think the same way as you but to have 200+ people is something I never thought possible.

It Renewed My Faith In Human Nature

It has renewed my faith in human nature.  I’ve come from the corporate world, where it’s all about playing the game, ticking the boxes and doing anything you can to climb the ladder, that is a horrible environment full of very unhappy trapped individuals.

The thing that struck me was the sheer authenticity of people, nobody was hiding anything we were all happy to share our experiences.  Sharing best practice was how it should be; actually sharing facts, figures and experiences. Nothing was made up or averaged it was real.  I can remember having calls or meetings in the corporate world about “Sharing Best Practice “ and I’d listen to what the individuals where saying and think to myself “what text book have you just swallowed”.  I knew they were just saying what they thought management wanted to hear.  It was pathetic in the true sense of the word.

It’s the strangest feeling when you meet so many people for the first time and it feels like you’ve known them forever.

When you chat to others everyone has been through the same struggles and frustrations so it’s so good to know you’re on the right track and it just takes time.  There were a lot of funny stories about working online; we’ve all got our tales to tell.

The Focus Going Forward

The actual day itself was amazing with the founders and guest speakers giving so much inspiration and motivation.  The focus of the SFM going forward is about living the best life possible and not just about making money.  There was also a lot of focus on health, which makes sense you can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have your health it’s worthless. Think about it money doesn’t buy happiness, it might make your situation easier and I’ll agree if you’re going to be unhappy it’s better to have money than live in poverty but a lot of the people who have money spend it on things to try to make them happy and end up on worse off than before they had it.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes over the years.   It a viscous circle so if you are able to be content and happy with your life the money will follow and enhance it. If you are building a online business and waiting until you have make a lot of money before enjoying life, you may as well go back to the traditional way of working.  You have to learn to live your life along the way.

The whole strategy is about helping select individuals to live a fulfilled and happy life outside the traditional way of working.  So there is a lot more to it that simply making money.

It’s such a liberating way of thinking.  For years we have bought into the 9-5 way of working and rules regulations, playing the game, keeping your head down and waiting for retirement.  There is an alternative; you just need to want it enough.

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