About Me

I'm Alison Boulton and I was born and brought up in Glasgow Scotland where I live with my husband Peter.

I've followed quite a varied path career wise from being a partner in a fashion business at 19 to being a holiday rep and then teaching English abroad. However much as working abroad was fun I had to come home and get "A real job".

It was quite difficult to adjust as I had never really done the 9 to 5 thing.

I ended up with a career in field sales, which was surprising as I never saw myself as a sales person.  My perception of sales people was that they were pushy and adopted the hard sell. I am not that type of person, which is why I think I was so successful.

I met Peter in 2003 at work, we bought a house together in 2007 and got married in 2008.  We had a very small wedding just with family and we arrived at the registry office in the same taxi.  Much to the amazement of the taxi driver.  Further proof that I am not one to follow tradition

My career in sales finished in 2014, when after 10 years selling print advertising in the field for the same company I took a redundancy package.  Due to the declining market the job became more and more stressful, and it became all consuming. The role was made redundant and I was put into a call centre making outbound calls. That was my worst nightmare and the last straw.   I was stressed, the days were the longest of my life and I was miserable.

I knew there had to be more to life than targets, stress and boredom so I decided to find it.

I wanted my own business as I didnt want to work for anyone anymore. I wanted a snese of purpose and to be able to do something I enjoyed.  I knew the internet was the way forward but I had no idea where to start and I had absolutley no digital skills whatsoever.

I came across the Six Figure Mentors and although I was a bit wary due to my age, I was 52 also my lack of online knowledge and skills (I wasn't even on facebook),  I could see the potential of online marketing.

I followed all the training provided and was absolutley amazed by the power of the internet and the opportunities that can come for it.

I've been able to start my own business, I am now a professional affiliate marketer which means I recommend other people's products and receive a commission for it. I won't kid you its not always been easy there have been a lot of challenges and there have been times when I wondered if I would ever get the hang of it.  Its about perseverance and determination and with the help and support from the SFM anything is possible.

I want to help others find the same peace of mind that I have.  I find it really disturbing that so many people are in jobs they hate and feel they have no way out.  I'm here to tell you there is a way out.  If I can do it anyone can. Life is for living and spending it stressed and miserable until retirement is not an option in my book.

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